Yeah Right

Let’s see:

  • The President wants to double exports in five years.*
  • The Treasury is the appropriate department to create and implement a plan to double exports.
  • Tim Geithner runs the Treasury.
  • Tim Geithner denies deliberately weakening the dollar.

See why I’m having cognitive dissonance here?  How can you possibly double exports without lowering the cost of the exports, which in the short run at least, implies lowering the relative value of our currency, or more forthrightly, weakening the dollar?  It has to happen if the goal is to be achieved.  So, why deny it?  Makes no sense to me, but then I have no idea why Geithner has any position of authority.

*I’m not sure when the five years starts.  Seems like the President has been saying it a while.  I haven’t paid much attention, because I’ve never believed it was possible.  Still don’t.

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