Twitter Updates for 2010-08-31

Barro, a very good economist, on unemployment, Summers, & Geithner: Maybe time for them to go? # My mother parted my hair on the left. I started combing it straight back in the 70s. Today, the second and final change: I shaved it off. . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-08-31

Twitter Updates for 2010-08-30

"THIS Is What A Bear Market In Housing Looks Like" Glad to see he uses a percent ownership chart. #

California Crack Up

I just finished California Crack Up by Joe Matthews and Mark Paul.  For me, the book was not quite fulfilling, and it took determination to read the final 30 pages or so.  There was some inconsistency.  The authors argue that Proposition 13 led to a concentration of power in Sacramento, but only a few . . . → Read More: California Crack Up

United States Gross Domestic Product

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released their second estimate of United States 2010 second quarter Gross Domestic Product today. The revised estimate of 1.6 percent real GDP growth is much lower than the initial estimate of 2.4 percent, but some commentators spoke of this release in favorable terms, as it was higher than pre-release . . . → Read More: United States Gross Domestic Product

The July California Jobs Report

The July California jobs report shows continued weakness for the Golden State’s labor markets. Annualized month-on-month job growth declined 0.8 percent. Year-on-year job growth also declined 0.8 percent, and the unemployment rate held at 12.3 percent. The unemployment rate remains almost 300 basis points higher than the United States unemployment rate.

To some . . . → Read More: The July California Jobs Report