Twitter Updates for 2010-07-02

  • Today's initial jobless claims are high, but perfectly consistent with our forecast. Some economists surprised, again. #
  • Fall in home sales consistent with our forecast but surprises many economists. Who are these guys always surprised? #
  • Manufacturing "expansion slowed more than economists expected." Lot of surprised economists today. Not CERF economists. #
  • May auto sales below expectations. You know, I think I'm seeing a trend here. #
  • "California begins fiscal year with no budget" No budget. No leadership. Not much in the way of an economy. #
  • "A Double-Dip Recession Could Be Very Ugly" Imagine that. I would have never guessed. #
  • "‘Clean’ Energy and Disguised Costs" Kling reviews a monograph on the better-than-free lunch offered by clean energy. #
  • "constipated" Sounds correct to me. Jerry Brown always did have a way with words. #
  • If you are doing it because it's good for you, your doing it wrong. #
  • Homebuyer credit extension passed by Senate. #

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