Twitter Updates for 2010-06-30

Aha! As I suspected: pointless, tedious, and addtictive. Best to stay away from some things. # "How to Greatly Reduce the Fiscal Burden of Entitlements-Becker" Entitlements are a serious problem. This plan works. # War is not economic stimulus, . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-06-30

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-29

Some things are unenforceable. # Krugman fears we're in the "Third Depression" # Proposed financial regulation fails to address most important problem. Too Big Too Fail is Too Big. End of story. # Tomorrow at 9am we webcast our United States & California forecasts here: # Gained weight. Joined . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-06-29

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-28

Paglia has a great NY Times essay on….hmmm….well just read it. # Seems like a reasonable response to me. # Joel Kotkin on the "post-information age" # Mankiw has a great essay It's long, well worth the time. We try to meet the conclusion's standard. Highly recommended. # Merle . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-06-28

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-27

We will release of our United States & California forecasts via a live webcast Tuesday at 9:00 am. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-26

Had a nice evening with the CMTA folks. # First quarter GDP growth estimate revised down. # New financial regulation. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works." Great. Just great. # Home after a week or so of being the road warrior. Good trip, great . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-06-26