Twitter Updates for 2010-05-31

Are the recent job numbers bogus? # California has about 12% of the U.S. population, but over 14% of the long-term unemployed. Pushing a million. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-30

760+ miles yesterday+hike. Crescent City, Eureka Brew+lunch, Ft Bragg Brew, Bodega&Tomales Bays, Stinsen & Muir Beaches, Ventura. 7am to 3am # Credit markets are tightening, not good. # This is a really funny video. Unfortunately, the underlying truth is not so funny. Often the case, I think. # Jeffrey Miron provides . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-05-30

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-28

1st quarter GDP growth revised down. Is anyone surprised? # Is Europe heading for a meltdown? Do dogs chase cats? # New unemployment claims down but exceed "expectations" Previous week's estimate revised up. weak recovery = volatility . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-05-28

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-27

Dan's been blogging while I'm on the road: # Money supply falling big time. # I'm still in Oregon. Kirk blogged on home sales. # Delore Zimmerman and I had a great visit in Bend Oregon. Lot's great people and opportunity. . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-05-27

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-26

Raising oil taxes won't help on the job front. # Markets down worldwide. Futures indicate the Dow down 2% this morning. # We release our quarterly Oregon forecast in Bend today. # Susanne Trimbath on jobs, infrastructure, and Larry Summers I didn't know Larry was against infrastructure investment. . . . → Read More: Twitter Updates for 2010-05-26