Twitter Updates for 2010-03-01

  • Expected revenues down & costs up, is California's bullet train a dud? #
  • California's winemakers feel the recession. But hey, you can buy wine cheap, & a winery too. #
  • Al Gore has a long piece in the NY Times today. #
  • Althouse takes a stiletto to Gore's op-ed. Interesting woman, voted for Obama, criticized by left and right. I like her #
  • NY more dysfunctional than CA? "carnival of spendthrifts, sexual miscreants and the all-purpose ethically challenged." #
  • Kotkin on the Dem's disconnect and the GOP's inability to profit from it. #
  • Off topic, but not everything your mother told you was true. Boogers as vaccine Don't tell Jimi or Merri. #
  • Princess Merri, 5, says she doesn't get what she wants fast enough. Think we've spoiled her? #

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