Twitter Updates for 2010-01-30

Whoa! First 4th-quarter GDP estimate is huge! More later as we digest it. # Dan's been a busy blogger. #

Fourth Quarter GDP

We are thrilled to see the first estimate of the 4th quarter GDP come in way above our forecast, but we wish we had forecast the change.  We do expect to see the initial estimate revised down in subsequent releases.

Why did the GDP estimate come in so strong?

Mostly, it was investment.  Fourth . . . → Read More: Fourth Quarter GDP

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-29

Gave our first Oregon & Central Oregon Forecasts in Bend today, about 275 there. Well received, even if news is not great. I Love Bend. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

More on the trade wars: Ricardo must be rolling in his grave. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-01-27

Dan and I blog on extraordinary monetary policy options: # How's that minimum wage working out? Ask an unemployed young person. #