2015 Central Oregon Economic Forecast

January 29th, 2015

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Compression at the top

One of the major stories of recent years is that of rising income and wealth inequality, whereby the rich are supposedly getting richer and the poor poorer. A primary piece of evidence for this is increases in the shares of income and wealth accruing to the top 10% of the distribution, the top 1% . . . → Read More: Compression at the top

The Vice President and the SHED

In order to better understand the state of household finances, the Federal Reserve has recently conducted a special survey called the Survey of Household Economics and Decision making, or SHED. This is in addition to the tri-annual Survey of Consumer Finances. Key findings from the SHED include the following: (a) most families indicate that . . . → Read More: The Vice President and the SHED

What’s up with housing?

Housing is traditionally a very volatile sector of the economy. It tends to lead the business sector (indeed, some economists like Ed Leamer of the UCLA Forecasting Group say that housing IS the business cycle). Housing is subject to booms and busts. A case in point is the major housing boom of the early . . . → Read More: What’s up with housing?

The California Economy: A Strength VS Weakness Breakdown

Previously published on July 11, 2014 on NewGeography.com

Part two of a two-part report. Read part 1.

The problem with analyzing California’s economy — or with assessing its vigor — is that there is not one California economy. Instead, we have a group of regions that will see completely different economic outcomes. Then, those . . . → Read More: The California Economy: A Strength VS Weakness Breakdown